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Atlas ANS Full vesrion Atlas_ANS.pdf

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Atlas ANS part I (separate pages) Part I only ans_i.pdf

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 Atlas ANS part II (separate pages) Part II by Clickable Periodic table  

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Views of nuclear models of selected elements 2D Views ANS_selection.gif

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ANS Periodic table poster Poster version of ANS as a Periodic table PT_ANS.pdf

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1. The Atlas ANS part I illustrates the helical structures of the elementary particles:

2. The Atlas ANS part II illustrates the structures of the atomic nuclei by symbolic notations of protons and neutrons.

3. The Views of nuclear models of selected elements provide more realistic views of the overall shapes of the nuclei. Only components belonging to the viewing perspective or the section planes are shown for drawing simplification. Such views can be constructed for all stable elements of the Periodic table by using the data from Atlas ANS part II.

4. For on screen viewing of the details in the Periodic table poster use a large magnification of the Acrobat Reader. The fine details resolution in the poster is lower than in the Atlas ANS due to the pdf file conversion limitations.

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