Author's presentations of his two books and reports in international scientific conferences

Books presentation and a poster report in the International conference on Future Energy (COFE-2006), 22-24 Sep, Washington, DC, USA (more info)

Two plenary reports and book "Basic Structures of Matter - Supergravitation Unified Theory" presented in the IX International Scientific Conference, "Matter, Energy, Gravitation', 7-11 Aug 2006, St. Petersburg, Russia (more info)

Pictures: The conference booklets with abstracts on English and Russian language

Plenary report " Alternative concept about space (physical vacuum) leading to a different vision about the Universe", XIII Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Human Ideas about Ultimate Reality and Meaning", 3-6 Aug 2005, Toronto, Canada (conference program)

Poster report "Basic Structures of Matter Hypothesis Based on an Alternative Concept of the Physical Vacuum", Physics for the Third Millennium Conference, 5-7 Apr 2005, Huntsville, AL, USA (more info)