The “Basic Structures of Matter : Supergravitation Unified Theory” (BSM-SG)ISBN 1412083877 & ISBN 0973051531 (see Book reviews section in Physics in Canada vol. 62, No 4, 206-207, July-Aug (2006) ) predicts a new propulsion method based on a unique gravito-inertial effect (discussed in Chapter 13 of the book). The BSM-SG suggests a successful physical model of the underlying structure of the physical vacuum called a Cosmic Lattice (CL), which also permits unveiling the structure of the elementary particles, including the electron (see the article in Physics Essays, v.16, No. 2, p. 184-195, (2003)).

    After a few year research on the effects of the properly activated neutral plasma, I was able to demonstrate a successful motion experiment based on a unique gravito-inertial effect, predicted by BSM-SG theory. It is achieved by a proper modulation the parameters of the physical vacuum, in which a quantum mechanical interactions occur between the oscillating electrons and the oscillating Cosmic Lattice nodes. The applied technical approach called a “Heterodyne Method” allows accessing the very high Compton frequency 1.236x10^20 Hz (which is found to be an important parameter of the Cosmic Lattice node) by a lower frequency activation technique. The propulsion is caused by a unique gravito-inertial effect, which permits obtaining a force field as a result of unidirectional change of the gravitational (and inertial) mass of the object and the gas molecules in the activated zone of surrounding space. The physical phenomenon is called Stimulated Anomalous Reaction to Gravity (SARG) Effect. The technical realization is not based on ion wind so it should not be confused with the electrogravity. The experiment was reported and demonstrated on the 26 Annual Meeting of the Society of Scientific Exploration, May 30 –June 2, 2007 East Lansing, MI, USA.


Note: While the glow discharge has been investigated by many researchers, nobody so far envisioned its signature for modification of the gravitational and inertial mass. This is not explainable from the currently accepted concept about space. The physics of this phenomenon and its potential is unveiled for a first time by the BSM-SG Unified theory.


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Videoclip showing the first motion experiment (3.1MB)


Videoclips showing the second motion experiment:

a. In light (3.2 MB)


b. In dark (1.84MB)



Lower resolution videoclips for fast download are posted in  (first motion experiment) (second motion experiment in light) (second motion experiment in dark) - third experiment (The actuator is fixed in a closed cylinder. The whole cylinder motion confirms that this is a physical gravito-inertial effect).

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Dr. Stoyan Sarg