Malware problem: hid.exe, dogs.exe, winlgoon.exe, sshd.exe

Real free fix - no tricks for payment

These malware applications may degrade significantly your computer performance. They are not preventable from many firewalls and virus defenders. You can see those running applications from the Windows task manager but they could not be killed. They are neither files neither hidden files and they tend to multiply. Many software with free download claiming to fight this malware are not free and their trial version cannot fix the problem. They usually need installation and their removal is difficult. The best and really free software is from called Process Explorer v12.

Download it unzip and and run it. It opens extremely fast displaying all running applications. The above malware are usually in colored area. Locate and highlight them then go to Process menu and kill them. Preferably select the option "Kill process tree" and you can see that more than one process disappears. Sometime this may not remove completely the attached spam or virus from your computer but it is easier to check after rebooting the computer.

These source of the malware application is usually not listed. Do not kill applications that are from trustfull sources.

It is a great software from