The new approach

        BSM is a physical theory under the category of "unified field theories". The applied approach, however, is different from those used in other theories of this type. A model of vacuum structure is unveiled and used as a frame of reference. The analysis of the phenomena and suggested models are in real 3D space and unidirectional time, so it is not the mathematics but the objective logic that provides the guiding rule. In such approach the principles of logical objectivity and causality are highly observed. The models are regarded as real physical entities, so their main features could be analyzed by simplified mathematical techniques. The applied approach appeared to be so powerful that it led to unexpected successful results in explanation of the Quantum mechanical rules, the Relativistic effects, superconductivity, and many Cosmological phenomena. But these results were achieved only after changing some of the initial postulates adopted in the modern physics: the gravitation between intrinsic matter particles in pure empty space and the light velocity. In such conditions the Newton's mass we are familiar with and the light velocity are both derivable parameters. The modification of the initial postulates led to surprisingly good agreements between the suggested models and the experimental and observational data. The derived physical parameters are related and expressed by the experimentally observed physical constant. Some of them are additionally verified by cross validations with phenomena from different fields of the physics.

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