Objectives and policy of HSF

The Nature is unified in its fundamental origin. Then it is reasonable to expect that new discoveries may emerge from interdisciplinary studies. In the time of Internet, the accumulated scientific knowledge is distributed and accessible from any part of the world. Such conditions create opportunity for changing the traditional way in which the science is advancing. It is possible now, new discoveries to appear from scientific groups supported by private organizations. The publishing mechanisms of the peer review journals, however, are not adapted for quick response in a case of discovery of fundamental aspect. From the other hand the Internet provides an unique opportunity for worldwide publishing.

In the time of Internet a fundamental discovery with large potentials could not wait for years in order to get published by peer review journals.

Problems in the contemporary modern physics: The modern physics marked significant achievements during the 20-th century. The final true, however, is still further away. In a broad range of space and time a large number of contradictions between some theoretical models exist. In the fields of quantum mechanics, particle physics and relativity quite abstractive mathematical models with large number of rules are introduced without the necessary logical explanation. Their validity in broader range of space and time is not obvious. So their propagation in a cosmological scale is under question.

 The human's logic relies on the real perceptions of the world. It is confused by illogical or contradictable explanations and simply could not accept them. If something is wrong it is not in the human's logic. At the beginning of 21 century one fateful question arises: Is the contemporary science provides the real picture of the Universe?

Scientific objectives: One of the major goal of HSF is to obtain logical explanation of all natural phenomena in real 3 dimensional space and unidirectional time scale. HSF promotes scientific methods, emphasizing strongly on the principles of the logic, real objectivity and causality. The Nature is in amazing harmony and unity. This indicates that the developed physical concepts and models should be free of contradictions in a broad range of space and time. The full agreement between the theoretical and the experimental results should be the major criterion for validation of any developed concept. In order to increase the reliability of the derived models a cross-validation analysis between phenomena from different fields of the physics is necessary. The scientific objectives of HSF do not intend to undermine the great achievements of the modern physics during the 20-th century, but to introduce a new constructive approach in the study of the Nature.

HSF endorses an open minded reexamination of some of adopted postulates in the contemporary physics in order to challenge some of the dogmatic perceptions about the real world. In such aspect HSF intends to invoke a broad discussion of some revolutionary new ideas about the structure of the matter and the physical processes in the Universe.

The current policy of HSF is concentrated primary on objectives related with discovering and understanding the physical truth of the Nature.

Legal Policy: The following policy which You accept by using HSF materials contains the entire agreement between You and HSF regarding the Copyright of the posted materials.

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