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Super Gravitation - the obscured fundamental law of Nature

Excerpts from BSM-SG treatise (3rd edition 2006).

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Contents bsm_contents.pdf 0.1 Contents
Foreword <0.01
Chapter 1 Chapter1.pdf 0.05 Introduction
Chapter 2_1 Chapter2_1.pdf 0.5 Matter, space and fields
Chapter 2_2 Chapter2_2.pdf 0.44


Chapter 2_3 Chapter2_3.pdf 0.32
Chapter 3_1 Chapter3_1.pdf 0.35 Electron. Structure and physical parameters
Chapter 3_2 Chapter3_2.pdf 0.27
Chapter 4 Chapter4.pdf 0.5 Superconductive state of the matter
Chapter 5 Chapter5.pdf <0.06 Energy of the physical vacuum. Hidden space energy
Chapter 6_1 Chapter6_1.pdf 0.42 Structure of the elementary particles
Chapter6_2 Chapter6_2.pdf 0.34


Chapter 7 Chapter7.pdf 0.3 Hydrogen atom
Chapter 8 Chapter8.pdf 0.91 Atomic nuclear structures
Chapter 9 Chapter9.pdf 0.57 Molecules
Chapter 10 Chapter10.pdf 0.32 Time, inertia and gravitation
Chapter 11 Chapter11.pdf 0.07 Biomolecules, bioenergy and DNA intercommunication
Chapter 12     Alternative Cosmology. Stationary Universe and Glalactic cycle
Chapter 13     Potential and Special Applications. Hidden Space Energy and a New Propulsion Mechanism

Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures and others

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References references.pdf <0.03 References



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